Tips for Beautiful Maternity Belly Photography

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Tips for Beautiful Maternity Belly Photography

Wait until your belly is bigger but not too long

You want your belly to show well on the photos, but you don’t want to be so big that the photo session is taxing to you. During the seventh month, your belly starts to round but it is not too heavy. This might be a good time to consider taking the photos. Depending on the size of the baby and if this is your first or consequent pregnancy, you might opt for a slightly later time. Most important consideration is how you feel.

Maternity Photo Studio Orange County PhotographerClothing selection needs to be body-hugging and stretchy

Think of a stretchy dress or top that hugs the contours of your belly. After all, the whole point of maternity photography is to focus on your belly. Most maternity clothing are a poor option as they do not highlight your belly sufficiently. In addition, wear solid colors that will show off the belly best and look timeless.  Another method is to show as much skin as your are comfortable with.

Use natural light

Using natural light will give you a softer look than using flash. Make sure that there is sufficient light entering the room which will vary depending on which way your windows face (north, south, east, or west). If taking photos outdoors, avoid the midday sun. Early morning light is beautiful as well as the golden evening light.

Simple backgrounds are best

When deciding where to take your photos, avoid clutter. Remember that you are styling your photos. A busy background takes away from you who are the focus. Think single colors using a sheet as a backdrop or a solid couch. For outdoor photos, do not pick a location that is too busy. You can pick a brighter outfit so that you can stand out best against your background. Leaning against a tree works well or sitting or standing by the beach.

Maternity Photo Beach White Dress Orange County PhotographerPoses for maternity photography

  • Close ups on belly
  • One hand above belly and one bellow
  • Hands behind your back
  • Older sibling kissing belly
  • Lying on your back
  • Sitting Indian style
  • Belly Profile shot
  • Hands in a heart over the belly
  • Posing with the father

Find a professional photographer

A professional photographer can help you look your best for your maternity photos. They can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed. It can also free up the father to participate in the photo shoot.

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We at Cristina del Toro Photography also offer gift registry that you can use for your baby shower. The photography credits can then be used for a maternity photo session or for a newborn photo session or for a package that includes both. What a unique gift idea for your baby shower! Specially for expecting parents that have already had prior babies and already have most of the basics.

Above all this is a very special time in your life and it deserves a lasting memory!

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