License Agreement

Orange County California Wedding Portrait Photographer

Cristina del Toro

949 677-6476


 (this is a sample license agreement that you will receive with your photos to make things easier for you to have printing rights)

Customer Name and Address:

Date of Sitting:

Subjects: (Full names of all people in photos if available)

Description – full color photos taken at (location) of (people) Outdoor shoot.

I, Cristina del Toro, grant unlimited printing release to (Customer Name). This release is fully transferable by the above named FOR PRINTING ONLY, and a copy of this document should be considered adequate proof of release by the printer. This release does not include rights of sale, nor is permission granted for contest entry without written permission from Cristina del Toro. Reproduction rights of described photography transferred only if signed addendum to this form has been provided by the above named customer. Copyright is retained by Cristina del Toro for the above described photos.

Note for printer: If further information is needed per your company policy or verbal confirmation, please do not hesitate to call the above number. THANK YOU!

Signature _________________ Date: ___________________