Importance of Wedding Photographers

“Splurge on your photographer and videographer. This was the best decision we made.” That is a statement that a lot of brides and grooms tell their friends. The day goes by so fast for the bride and groom that those precious memories bring back their emotions and details of the day. How would you remember the flowers after they wilt and how the décor looked? Not to mention remembering family and friends gathered together in their finery? Your choice of wedding photographer will impact your wedding in more ways than you can imagine.

Weddings have become very personal. They reflect your style from venue to attire. Weddings are intimate. Just like they reflect your vision so should the selection of your photographer. You need to think about quality, style, and vision when selecting your photographer. Your photographer needs to capture the mood and feel of your special day.

Wedding photography is an intimate art. Photographers are asked to document a special day at the start of a new family. They are asked to capture emotional moments that the future family will only experience with that photograph. That photo is a gift to the future generations of beginnings of the journey for that family. It is a precious heirloom. Your wedding photographer needs to recognize and be invested in this gift. We are among you at your wedding. We are invested in your wedding and loving every minute of it. We feel lucky to participate in this momentous day.

Congratulations and we wish you the best,

Cristina and Mike

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