Best Ways to Prepare for a Family Photo Session:

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Family portraits can be a very stressful and overwhelming for you and your kids. A little planning can come a long way to help you manage your stress and help you obtain the photos that you desire. The experience can actually be enjoyable! Here are 10 tips to help you plan a family photo session!

  1. Discuss and decide what type of photos you want to have. Will it be at a studio or outdoors at the beach or relaxing at home?
  2. Pick one or two favorite locations to take your photos. Pick a place nearby that is meaningful and visually appealing. Consider the weather.
  3. Give yourself a few weeks prior to the photo session to prepare your appearance including haircuts and manicures.
  4. Pick the time of day that kids are in the best mood.
  5. Obtain any props you plan to use including hats, scarfs, hair accessories, or other items.
  6. Dress for the weather so you are not too cold or too hot.
  7. Coordinate your outfits with complimentary patterns or colors, colors that are varying shades of the same color. Hats and scarves can provide a pop of color. Bring a change of clothes if you want a different look or your kids get wet or dirty.
  8. Make sure you eat ahead of photo session and have snacks and water in case you need them.
  9. Relax and have fun at your session as this will result in the best photos.
  10. Find a good photographer. A good photographer will take great photos and help you relax during your session. They will incorporate your photo ideas with their own to create authentic photos of you!

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